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Being a well-established mobile value-added service provider, Mtone Wireless has is recognizes by its partners for its extensive sales and marketing network, its stable operations capabilities, and outstanding product development capability.

Since 2000, Mtone has established comprehensive cooperation in the value-added mobile services with leading vendors and organizations of various sectors.

From 2003 to 2004, Mtone Wireless has been cooperating with People's Daily to provide exclusive value-added mobile services for the information release and public interaction of the National People's Congress of PR China and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

In 2003, Mtone cooperated with Channel V to launch an interactive product named "Stars City" with TV, radio and value-added mobile services.

In 2003, Mtone co-sponsored the movie "Cell Phone" by the famous Chinese movie director Feng Xiaogang with China Mobile, and was authorized to launch the "Cell Phone" mobile game, which was the first in Mainland China adapted based on the plot of a movie Storage-line.

In 2004, Mtone co-sponsored the movie "A World Without Thieves" directed by Feng Xiaogang with China Mobile again, and was authorized to launch a mobile game with the same title. Meanwhile, Mtone also provides clips of that movie for mobile users to download.

In 2004, Mtone launched the first multi-player interactive mobile phone game in the industry in China titled San Jie. The initial launch in the sophisticated Motorola E 680 3D handset as an embedded applications. It is now available in a download version for many other handsets including various models from Nokia.


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