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Chairman : Raymond Chin
Mr. Chin obtained his doctor's degree from the University of Illinois in Urbana. Before jointly establishing Mtone, Dr. Chin was the Chairman of the Board and also a Director for Proxim Inc. Dr Chin led Proxim to develop the first wireless LAN and to pioneer this industry. Proxim became the first wireless LAN company listed on the NASDAQ. Dr. Chin also served as a general partner for multiple Silicon Valley venture firms and also at Ameritech Development Corporation, the new business development subsidiary of Ameritech.. He has also worked in the field of optical semiconductor devices.

CEO and President: Victor Wang
Victor Wang
obtained his doctor's degree on Electronic Engineering from Stanford University and has owned multiple foundational patents on wireless network. Having initiated and led the development of the wireless data network industry in China, Wang won the reputation as a pioneer in the wireless data network market. Dr. Wang Weijia presided the development of the first wireless data network in the world based on the cellular telephone network. The technology evolved into the North America Wireless Data Standard CDPD today. Wang led the designation and implementation of the first metropolitan ATM experiment network of Pacific Bell. He also once took charge of the research of the fourth generation of personal mobile communication in Interval Research, a company owned by Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft.

COO: Peng Qiao
Peng Qiao
has served as our chief operating officer since June 2004. From September 2002 until May 2004, Mr. Qiao served as the chief operating officer of GWTec, a wireless applications and network provider. Mr. Qiao was also a co-founder of Mtone and was the vice president of engineering from January 2001 to August 2002 and the director of hardware development from 1994 to 1997. Between 1997 and 2001, Mr. Qiao was a co-founder and chief executive officer of Legend Silicon Corp., a Silicon Valley startup focused on digital television technologies. Mr. Qiao held various positions at MII (China), Computer Systems Engineering, Inc., Aries Research Inc. and Interval Research Corporation. Mr. Qiao was awarded the China National Science and Technology Award in 1992. Mr. Qiao holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China and a M.S. from Tsinghua University.

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