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Mtone Wireless was founded in 1994 in Silicon Valley and is the first Mainland enterprise that is founded with venture investments in US.
In the same year, Mtone Wireless started its operations in China and was the first SP in China to provide value-added mobile services.
On 28 July 1998, Mtone launched commercially its Plannet two-way paging service system together with Shanghai Guomai Communications Co., Ltd., and launched "King Of Two-Way Information" two-way pagers. It also designed, developed and offered the first commercial wireless mobile stock trading service based on its wireless packet data private network, pushing the value-added wireless services into commercial use in China.
On 3 November 2000, Mtone Wireless cooperated with China Mobile and officially launched its WAP portal, which is the first commercial WAP portal in China.
In the same year, Mtone provided the first location-based service for China Mobile.
In 2001, as one of the first SP's, Mtone participated in China Mobile's Monternet Plan,and became one of the first SP's providing Monternet users with mobile entertainment services.
In 2003, Mtone launched its interactive mobile SMS game known as "Pao Pao XiaoXin", which became the first SMS product in China Mobile's Monternet exceeding 1 million subscribers.
In the same year, Mtone Wireless started cooperating with China Unicom, China Telecom and China Netcom and providing CDMA and PHS subscribers with value-added wireless services.
In 2004, Mtone officially launched a large MUD game - Legend of the Three Realms, and successfully started its operation on the network of China Mobile, making it the first officially commercialized large MUD game throughout the world.
  Mtone has been well known ever since it was established for its world-leading technologies, solely developed telecom-level operation platform functionality, capacity and stability.
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