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Pleasant Ring, Profound Love (2004-03-04)

Have you ever-downloaded mobile rings? A variety of music can bring personalized style to your mobile. However, more and more mobile users are no longer satisfied with just music. Many of the high-end mobile users have even recorded various unique sounds as their personalized mobile rings. Currently, there are many weird rings from SP vendors for downloading. For example, reciting Tang and Song poems in Sichuan and Northeast dialects, the sound of the water-boiling kettle, the classic sentence "Excuse me ˇ­" from a movie named "Mobile".

Why not try to download the latest series of rings "Tricky Brains" from Mtong Wireless? The uniqueness of these rings is that they can address different people's requirements, providing you with an opportunity to show their love.

Are you itching to have a try? Don't be in such a hurry. First, you have to know the personality of the girl in your mind.

If your girl friend is gentle and virtuous, you can choose the ring of "red bean grown in south China". The combination of strong affection and northeast dialect can surely increase your charm, enabling your love index to rise sharply.

For people deeply in love, their emotion is a rose in the summer. When the sharp sound of the kettle with boiling water sounds from her mobile, she will surely remember that it is you who has downloaded that for her. On such a special day, who else but you is so considerate and attentive?

But in case some minor conflicts occur between you two, don't worry, you can use rings to show that you're sorry. The sweet song named "The Moment" from Stef Sun might bring her back to the touching love memories.

If you are a conventional man, shy to express your love to the girl you love, tricky rings are special ways to extend your love. In addition, you can use the rings to find out the personality of the one you love. She might love dancing music "niu ba jin". Then she must be a lively and lovely girl. Or she might love classic poetic rings. Then, congratulations, she is a conventional girl. Go ahead and try to win her heart!

Shush. The above secrets are not just for boys.

As for how to download, it is very simple. CMCC subscribers send ZG to 1818, China Unicom subscribers send ZG to 9898. Then you will receive a short message with an address. Press the on the link, and you will start your journey on Tricky Brains rings.

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