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Mtone Enables The Mobility Of Weblog (2004-07-28)

Weblog is also known as Blog. One Blog means a web page. Many Blogs are the expression of things in people's mind, while other Blogs are jointly developed for certain specific themes or common interests. In recent years, there have emerged websites such as Blog China, Cnblog, Digiblog, etc., even Bush (president of USA) has his own Blog website. Whether being used to express personal cynical ideas, or for president candidates to win voters, Blog becomes a place for you to say whatever you want to say.

In an era of mobile communications, Blog cannot avoid being mobilized: pushing aside your keyboard, leaving your desk, on the street, in your car, in the conference room, you can check, record and "Blog" whatever you hear and see through camera-enabled mobile phones. If you have a high-end mobile, you have been provided with an absolute power from the technology - Mobile Blog, which can possibly become a reflection of your real life on the wireless Internet. Meanwhile, it might also be a great challenge for the contents of traditional communication media, production methods a production procedure.

In foreign countries, Mobile Blog has been very popular now, especially in Japan. In the US, the number of Mobile Blogs is also very huge. However in Korea and Japan, the relevant services are more mature. Facing more and more popular trend of Mobile Blog, and facing if Mobile Blog will become the mainstream of Blog family, where should Chinese Blogers go? Mtone Wireless, the largest SP in China created a whole-new wireless Blog - "Absolute Privacy" will show Chinese Bloggers a brighter way out.

"Absolute Privacy" is a new model from Mtone Wireless, which focuses on "large wireless diary community" and provides a variety of features to mobile users to compose diaries, read diaries from other people, search diaries, diary ranking, etc., offering them a whole new communication platform with high level of interaction. It consolidates contents or functions of large diary community, virtual anchor, new and hot information, chat and friends making, etc., forming a fashionable product for pluralized and all-round communication, and allowing people to experience personally the origination, coolness and satisfaction from different communication channels.

At "Absolute Privacy", a virtual anchor named Ye Zi is specially assigned, who writes diaries every day to share her life with users. At the same time, users can do simple and funny communication with Ye Zi by sending messages to her. In addition, Ye Zi will act as a friend and forward certain high quality contents (e.g. hot information, humor jokes, healthcare information, SMS collections, etc.) to users, enabling users to experience personally the dynamics and spell of SMS.

According to management of Mtone, the product launched lately is designed to address the ideological needs of modern urban people to "speak up" and "peep at", effectively annotate the concept of "scenic interaction, anytime, anywhere". Moreover, the product also features strong adhesiveness. Its contents can be individually forwarded. This kind of interaction can be realized simply and easily, for CMCC subscribers, send 600 to 1818; for China Unicom subscribers, send 600 to 9898.

"In our life, there are many memorable moments that are worthy of recording and sharing with others, and that might pass by in a wink of the eye. Due to lack of relevant technologies, these moments can only be retained in the memory of the involved parties or witnesses. That's a pity." With the launch of Wireless Blog --- "Absolute Privacy", some of the restrictions have been solved using mature technologies. It is fully compliant with the aggressive and self-satisfactory personality of the young Bloggers. What's more, it has also provided a free, easy and fair platform to express opinions.

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