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"Multi-User Dungeon" Story Released for the First Time --The first mobile network game will be launched soon. (2004-07-07)

"Multi-User Dungeon", the mobile networking game solely developed by Mtone Wireless Corp, will be released to players next month. The first mobile networking game in the world has been long expected. Although the "Multi-User Dungeon" of SMS version is deeply familiar to players, they have absolutely no idea about the experience of playing networking games on their mobile.

The mobile version of "Multi-User Dungeon" is a game of high class. Mtone invested two years and a large amount of money in this large-scale wireless real time interaction mobile networking game which can invite multiple players. Featuring 2D pictures, the game maintains the story and plot of the SMS version of "Multi-User Dungeon", and integrates the advantages of text word games and picture games that are welcomed on the internet. The features of mobile and PC games are fully presented. Different from most mobile games in the market, there are nearly 40 magnificent scenes as well as perfect character images and interesting story plots in this new game. Users can get more powerful through practices and can realize fights between characters. Meanwhile, players can feel satisfied even through 3 or 5 minutes' entertainment, which exactly complies with the feature of mobile entertainment. All in all, this is the first real mobile network game in the whole world.

The mobile network version of "Multi-User Dungeon" presents a beautiful virtual world to players. The game involves comprehensive background, mission, plot and unlimited imagination. Virtual characters created by players will experience all emotions triggered by the game plots. They build up their personalities and present their personalities. They form their groups and grow their own styles. They spread their reputation around, advocating the right and punishing the wrong. Through these figures, players can experience the excitement that they never had before with other mobile network games. Moreover, fully combining the advantage of network, "Multi-User Dungeon" also provides a real time interaction platform to users who can communicate with others at any time. With legendary story plots, direct and active images, and free interaction experiences for players, "Multi-User Dungeon" can make users feel they are always surrounded by a chivalry world. Like what Dr. Wang Weijia, CEO of Mtone said: you will be rendered an ego, a free chivalry world.

Accordingly to Mtone, the planned price of this game is RMB 12 for monthly subscription, covering 12 games. "Multi-User Dungeon" will be running on GPRS network. China Mobile will adopt the charging based on the traffic. Additionally, China Mobile designed multiple set meals for player who can choose the consumption style according to actual needs. Experts of the industry pointed out that the entertainment fee of the mobile networking game is much lower than that of the PC networking game.

To many players, the reality is that they can not play games at any time and any place, while in the virtual world they can achieve a perfect ego. Even the most popular PC game can not realize the integration of the reality and the virtual. Today however, the mobile networking game represented by "Multi-User Dungeon" is entering people's life, ushering a new age in which players can enter a virtual world whenever and wherever they feel like to. With this gold key of "Multi-User Dungeon", people can easily switch between the real and virtual worlds.

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