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Overview: Mobile Network Game,
A Profit Resource waiting to be exploited(2004-07-01)

14:29 - June 18, 2004

With the strong user interaction, PC network games are increasingly attracting more players. While PC network games are creating one profit miracle after another, mobile network games, featuring the same interaction, are coming out onto the stage with much applause. The mobile network game is also a member of the portfolio that adopts the mobile terminal as the game platform. As it enjoys the advantage of following the user everywhere and anywhere the user goes, it is not limited by time and space. After the PC network game, the mobile network game has turned out to be another profit resource in the market, whose great potential has drawn the attention from forerunners of a value-added mobile service industry. They are all devoted to win a new round of campaigns about mobile application opportunities in the market.   

Today, even though SMS is still a chief portion of the value-added business of mobile data, mobile game only has a small share. However, with the improvement of mobile terminal performance, the enhancement of mobile network data transmission, and especially the increase of color screen mobile users, the mobile game has a very prosperous future. According to the analysis of Informa, a foreign research organization, the mobile game has become the fastest growing portion in the global game market. The production value will grow from USD 243 million in 2002 to USD 3.8 billion in 2007. Analysys International, a domestic consultation company also predicts that the overall market value of China's mobile game in 2004 will approach RMB 600 million. At present, some game developers such as Sega and Ubisoft have reduced the development strength on the PC network game, and established the mobile game development department. Shanda Networking, China's traditional PC network game developer also devotes efforts to the market of mobile games.   

The prosperity of mobile games is undoubtedly very inviting. However, it cannot be denied that the mobile game in China is still staying in the preliminary phase, which has a large distance from the full speed of development. Where should people start to trigger the rapid development of the mobile game? The answer, most probably, would be the "mobile network game", which, with its feature of "interaction", will become the mainstream of the future mobile game.   

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