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The future of mobile game lies in networking rather than downloading 

Also called mobile networking games, the mobile network game is different from the game on a single mobile. It is a type of mobile game based on the mobile communication network, supporting the participation of many players. The game stresses the interaction, and emphasizes the cooperation and communication between real people rather than robots. The game therefore is more like a virtual community, just like in the PC network game.

At present, China's mobile game industry is chiefly dominated by those games that are downloaded on to single phones. There are very few multi-player networking games, whether it's based on SMS platform or based on WAP and JAVA/BREW platforms. Large-scale real time picture networking games that involve more players can hardly be found. However, it is those few simple mobile networking games that have deeply attracted millions of mobile user and turned them to be mobile networking game fans. These users naturally became the high-end clients targeted by mobile carriers and mobile game developers. According to the news from industry insiders, with a special mobile SMS networking game, some mobile user even sent more than 10,000 SMS' within one month. Suppose the news is based on the truth, this user had already devoted RMB1000 only in terms of traffic (RMB0.1/SMS)! Most people won't be surprised if someone spends RMB1000/month on phone calls. However, RMB1000/month on SMS reveals the surprisingly strong attraction of the mobile networking games to users.  
The reporter was informed that the game that created this record is called "Multi-User Dungeon (三界传说)". It is a multi-player real time mobile network game launched by Mtone Wireless Corp. based on text word MUD story. Concerning the news that someone sent more than 10000 SMS in one month, Dr. Wang Weijia, CEO of Mtone Wireless Corp, proved that it was true. He also said: "The 'miracle' is created by a user from Changzhou, Jiangsu. In fact, with the game of 'Multi-User Dungeon (三界传说)', this user sent about 30,000 SMS' within one month. The monthly subscription of the game is RMB12, and the upstream traffic is additionally charged. At first, we worried that users might think they did not have to pay any more afterwards. Therefore, we particularly called users who had sent thousands of SMS' and informed them of our charge rules. To our surprise, all of our users knew about the charge rules. They love to play and would like to pay. Only in July, 2003, Multi-User Dungeon (三界传说) had attracted 50 thousand users who sent a total of 4 million SMS' within one month. That had brought a traffic income of RMB 400,000 to Changzhou Mobile."   

Based on the above facts, we can easily tell that the mobile network game, which stresses interaction, is greatly welcomed by users. The rapid development of the PC network game also shows that among the game portfolio the network game requiring interaction features most activity, as in the networking game, the formularized game mode turns to be multiplied, which renders players the experience they don't find with single phone games.   

The mobile network game not only has a stronger attraction for users, but also brings about better traffic profit in comparison with the single phone game. After the game is downloaded on the single phone, the player is then on his/her own. The game will be finished usually in 3~4 months. On the other hand, the networking game enjoys more changes and meanings as it has multiple participants, and will attract more traffic from users, which leads to more profits for mobile carriers and mobile game developers. One example is the traffic record created by Multi-User Dungeon (三界传说). The multi-player interaction mobile picture network game that is based on JAVA will bring about even more traffic. Dr. Wang Weijia said, "The mobile game will become the most welcomed and most valuable application in the mobile multimedia age. The most exciting mobile game in the future will be the mobile network game. Mtone is working together with a famous mobile manufacturer to develop the build-in K-Java Multi-User Dungeon (三界传说). At present, the large-scale mobile network game is still under testing. The game not only provides abundant pictures and music, but can achieve interconnectivity with the Multi-User Dungeon (三界传说) of SMS version. The mobile value-added service will be brought to a higher level with the launch of the game."   

Today, the fast development period of mobile users is gone while the ARPU value is constantly dropping. The mobile network game that can trigger even more traffic growth will become a new profit resource for mobile carriers. Therefore, the future of mobile game rests with networking rather than single phone downloading to both carriers and mobile developers. It would be a waste if networking is not applied to the mobile game.

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