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Mobile network games, facing both prosperity and challenges (2004-09-20)

Just like the PC network game, the mobile network game will become the most active application among all games. It can even separate players and the capital in the PC network game market. However, the development of mobile network game at present is still facing many problems and challenges.  

The terminal bottleneck comes first. Without breaking through the bottleneck, the development of many mobile value-added businesses will be limited. Both the memory and screen of mobile mean much to the development of mobile game.   

The second problem is the data transmission speed of mobile network. In the networking game, the speed of network turns out to be a main element for players. In case they cannot get real time response, networking then loses the meaning for the game. Though the present network speed can basically meet the requirement, with the network upgrading, especially with the 3G, users will have a totally different experience. Mobile
game vendors no longer need try all their best to control the traffic.   

Thirdly, the network game attracts players mostly with its strong interaction. However, the interaction of the present few mobile network products is not strong enough. Throughout the whole market, the mobile network game is only focused on chess and card playing games that involve only a small number of real time players. There are not many on-line mobile network games that can invite many players, let alone the ones with exciting visual views.
The fourth problem: how can newly launched mobile network games invite enough users to help develop the game? This is a key point. When the game is first launched to the market, there are not a satisfactory number of online players. Without enough participants, the network game then loses the attraction.   

The fifth, the development of users is also limited by the singleness of charge rules. After all, only very few users would send thousands or tens of thousands of SMS' in the MUD SMS networking game. Though favoring mobile games, most users can't afford to pay too much. The monthly subscription mode may attract more users.   

The prosperity of the mobile network game attracts not only mobile carriers and SP but also mobile manufacturers, to whom mobile network games will strongly promote the sales of mobile phones. Especially through the service like mobile network games, mobile manufacturers can constantly affect consumers, improving their loyalty to mobile products. At present, famous manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Ericsson, etc, all actively invest in the development of mobile game products and terminals. Some new mobile models that can achieve the function of playing network games have already been launched. The mobile network game thus closely connects all aspects of the mobile communication industry. With the joint efforts of all aspects that have united target and profit, the mobile network game will exploit even more space in the market.

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