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The emerging mobile game industry has developed at an unprecedented speed. According to a report by Frost & Sullivan Company, the global mobile game industry earned revenue of USD436.4 million last year and is expected to increase annual revenue to USD 9.34 billion by 2008. Other market research shows that the global wireless game market will earn USD17.5 billion in 2006. China's mobile game industry was initially launched when China Mobile started to charge users for the right to access Treasure Box in Sept. 2003. Since then, the numbers of subscribers have increased dramatically. Within just a few months, China Mobile game subscribers increased to over 2 million people. Greater growth of the mobile game has been regarded as a "gold mine" of the game industry after the popularity of network game.

In what is a highly competitive market, MMMRPG (Multiplayer Mail-based Role-Playing Game) has become one of the most popular services due to its superior advantages of interaction, communication and the fact that it is pirate proof. Mtone Wireless has developed and operated the first commercial MMMRPG in the world---"The legend of The Three Realms ", a game which is focused on the Chinese market and is set in the Tang Dynasty. It allows game players to develop their character from a lowly common person into a powerful and influential leader of society. This character meanwhile learns all kinds of techniques in order to finish different tasks. He can directly interact with other players by chatting and competing with them and finally, they participate in their own factions respectively. In this game, there are large social systems, including an economic system, a fair trade system, and a system for building alliances and friendships so that game players can experience a virtual society.

"The legend of The Three Realms" can be used in over 30 mobile phone models. Thus, of the 300 million mobile phones in use in China, over 50 million mobile phones can support this game. This number is increasing as well. Since "The legend of The Three Realms" started online operations in Oct. 2004, over 40,000 subscribers have registered. Active subscribers who log on at least once a day account for 20%, while the average GPRS traffic for each user is 2000 k each month.


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